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The can crushers for sale Compy (international patent in 2009) is a convenient help for household recycling and solves the problem of the volume created by used casings of plastic bottles, cans and Tetra Pak, that has to be recicled.
The reduced sizes (cm. 25 x 20 x 45), its maximum safety and its practical usage allow to place it indoors or outdoors. Compy is fixed to the wall and it can be activated by the sheer force of hands. Thus allows to reduce and compact the waste up to 80 percent of the volume. Compy does not need maintenance.

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Product Description

Can crushers for sale – COMPY

Accessories included in the package.

The video shows all of the components inside the package of your can crusher COMPY

Assembly Instructions

The video shows the steps for proper installation of your can crusher COMPY


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