The compactor COMPY can be used as

can crusher, plastic bottle crusher and milk carton crusher
a single solution that solves the problem of volume created by this empty containers.


Can crusher


1) Can crusher


Compy crushes aluminum cans from 0.33 to 0.5 liters, it allows to solve the volume problem of the empty containers, saving space and time. It‘s a valuable aid for the recycling.

plastic bottle crusher


2) Plastic bottle crusher


Compy crushes plastic bottles and it’s ideal for reducing and compacting the encumbrance up to the 80% of its volume. It’s easy to install and to use and no maintance is required.

milk carton crusher


3) Milk carton crusher


Milk carton crusher Compy compacts Tetra Pak and other cardboard containers, such as milk, fruit juices, beverages and food.

Package Compy

The environmentally-friendly tin can crusher COMPY is a convenient help for home recycling operations, and allows to solve the volume problem created by empty containers that have to be recycled such as plastic bottles, cans and Tetra Pak®.

Can crushers COMPY reduced dimensions (cm. 25 x 20 x 45), its maximum safety and its practical user-friendliness allow to place it indoors or outdoors.

Can crusher COMPY (international patent 2009) is fixed to the wall and it can be activated by the sheer force of hands. It does not need any maintenance.

Plastic bottle crusher COMPY is sold for only 65 € including VAT. For groups of buyers the product can be customized on request.